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Print Speed®, the Art of Contrast

Over the years the Print Speed® paper has become the benchmark for premium uncoated offset and preprint papers. A smooth paper surface and superior whiteness guarantee enhanced colour reproductions of visuals, texts and photo illustrations.

A unique combination of bulk and opacity guarantees excellent runnability performance and quality printing results even at high speeds. Print Speed® offers a wide range of products. It will skilfully create a contrast to amplify the impact of your printed documents.

To try it, is to adopt it!

Print Speed superior whiteness

Superior whiteness

One of the best superior whiteness on the market, resulting in perfect colour reproduction. Whether you’re printing plain text, photos or elaborate illustrations, Print Speed® strengthens the contrast to maximise the impact of all your prints.

Print Speed bulk and opacity

Outstanding bulk and opacity

The quality of Print Speed® paper comes from its combination of high opacity and high porosity thanks to the Eucalyptus fibres, a well known fibre base with excellent features for manufacturing premium paper. Uncoated, with an outstanding bulk, high stiffness and unique smoothness, Print Speed® offers a natural touch & feel without compromising on print quality.

Print Speed print quality

Excellent printability

Homogeneous paper formation and high opacity offer an incomparable paper printing quality, even with a lower weight. The uniform surface combined with the excellent smoothness of Print Speed® paper enable a superior runnability even at high speeds and a high quality printability.

Print Speed range

Wide range and use

A wide stock range with a variety of sizes and substances from 70 g to 350 g, but also 3 products to meet your exact needs: Print Speed® Offset for every day, Print Speed® Ivory if you want to explore printing on a warm ivory shade.