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Polyart® synthetic paper

Polyart® synthetic paper consists of a high-density polyethylene (HDPE) film coated with a unique clay coating that ensures print quality that’s vivid and colourful. Combining the advantages of paper with the durability of plastic. Polyart synthetic paper looks, feels, prints and converts like a premium matt-coated paper but stands up to water, weather, grease and chemicals and is also highly tear-resistant. Polyart’s state-of-the-art synthetic papers comprise a complete range of films designed to withstand the most demanding applications.

High-performance film

Polyart® provides excellent performance and durability. Standing up to harsh conditions or handling, it is water, grease and chemical proof. Dimensionally stable, it will remain flat irrespective of humidity, which makes it a perfect solution for virtually any application, whatever the ambient conditions.


This high-performance film converts easily, meaning it can be scored, folded, perforated, varnished, foil blocked, stitched and more! Able to withstand extreme temperatures, Polyart® remains stable up to (+60° C /+140° F) and down to (-60° C /-76°F ). Good UV resistance and weathering characteristics means the product will not shrink or become brittle. Due to Polyart's® stiffness and conformability, it is often used for label applications and complies with BS5609//II (immersion in seawater test) and also UL969 labelling standards, with the appropriate adhesive.


Polyart® is suitable for direct food contact and is toy safe.



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Standard Polyart® has matt white, 2 side coated surfaces and is available from stock as 330mic, in a choice of sheet sizes. For label material manufacturers, Polyart® is also available in 1 side coated format.

Durability and vibrant colours

Polyart® is a great, practical solution for books, leaflets and documents which are likely to face frequent handling or harsh conditions, such as manuals, cookbooks or guide books. Polyart's® combined characteristics of strength, liquid resistance, foldability, smoothness and its unique bulk, make it a great choice for maps and plans, with the matt coating enhancing the legibility of the map, compared to laminated materials. It's also a superior choice for menus, with no absorption of liquids on the edges, nor the damage commonly seen with laminated menus. It is easy to wipe clean too!


In addition, Polyart® is often used for promotion and identification. These include banners, promotional flags, flyers, outdoor notices, informative documents, charts, guarantees, timetables, security notices and passes, invitations, wristbands, ski passes, membership cards, tickets and sports applications.


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Thanks to its special coating, Polyart® adapts quickly to most printing processes, such as offset litho, flexography, gravure, rotary letterpress and screen, as well as variable information systems such as thermal transfer, ion deposition, dot matrix and ink jet.


Printability is of high quality, with benchmark ink drying for synthetic media and no static issues.


The Polyart® Digital range gives optimised and certified printing on HP indigo devices.