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The easy magnetic media - print and cut!

Magnecote® is a pre-magnetised paper that can be printed on Offset, HP Indigo and selected Dry Toner devices. Magnetised sheets come straight off the printing press, with no post print magnetisation processes required.

Lighter than traditional magnets, Magnecote® gives you savings on postage and transportation costs. It can also be folded, die-cut, perforated, glued, stitched and foil stamped. Opening up many interesting application opportunities including commercial print, direct mail, photos and gifting.

Easy usage in many areasmagnecote pizza usage

Magnecote® has multiple uses, and the magnetised backing easily sticks to many surfaces. These include doors, partitions, desks, shelves, mailboxes, cooker hoods, refrigerators, cash registers, workout machines, lockers, cabinets, fuse boxes, garage doors, elevators, cabinets, forklifts, machines, boilers and water heaters.

Match your print technology

Available in 3 different grades to suit your equipment. Magnecote Litho for conventional print, iSeries for HP Indigo presses and the Digital grade suitable for Dry Toner printers (check compatibility here).

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Mailing and photographsmagnecote fridge

The kitchen is often the hub of the house, and the fridge is often a visual planner where, with the help of magnets, coupons, take away menus, postcards, business cards, contact lists, schedules, reminders and photos are found.

Retail, business and leisuremagnecote concert signage

Magnecote® offers a perfect solution for easy installation and quick change signage. It is also ideal for POS display, store graphics, event promotions, menus, warning signs, instructions and temporary signs.

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