Incada Graphical Board - Pure Performance

Ideal for graphical applications and packaging of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, food and drinks, Incada is a range of high quality, multi-layered folding box boards based entirely on virgin fibre of known and traceable origin. The product's enhanced whiteness makes it an ideal choice for a multitude of graphical applications, while it's strength and stiffness ensures impressive packaging performance. Often chosen for its durability and design versatility, Incada guarantees the best quality and offers great results in consistency.


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The Incada family offers the exceptional Incada Silk and Incada Exel ranges. Incada Silk is a fully coated white-backed folding box board which gives excellent results in both solid print and half tone illustrations. Incada Exel is a one-sided cream backed folding box board, fully coated on the printing side with an uncoated reverse giving the contrast of a naturally tactile inner and smooth outer surface.

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Iggesund, the manufacturers of Incada, are devoted to producing the highest quality paperboard manufactured with the lowest carbon footprint for UK customers. Made at a site that produces 100% of its energy needs from renewable biomass, where much care is taken to protect the local environment whilst working with the local community, Incada is the only folding box board manufactured in the UK!