Quality since 1888, made in Scotland

Produced to exacting standards since 1888, Conqueror is recognised as the superior choice for brand identity. The distinctive touch and appearance has become the international standard for quality as well as its renowned watermark.


Perfect print with a unique and subtle touch

Using the finest pulps in the market, whether virgin or post-consumer recycled, Arjowiggins Creative Papers uses a special blend of fibres to create a subtle and soft touch that defines Conqueror. Thanks to its pristine sheet formation Conqueror prints perfectly, enabling you to easily achieve excellent print results.





Consistent quality since 1888, available worldwide

Craft and knowledge have been passed down through generations of paper makers since 1888. Each sheet of Conqueror paper carries this heritage of expertise and the Conqueror watermark remains the sign of distinction. As such, the Conqueror brand has grown to become recognised and respected globally, and is the international standard for quality.



Available with recycled options

In addition of being fully FSC® certified, Conqueror offers recycled papers produced from premium post-consumer waste (from 25% up to 100%). The range also offers alternative fibre content with Conqueror Bamboo, produced with a responsibly sourced, fast-growing material and natural pigments. Conqueror is also Carbon Neutral and can also be certified upon demand.



A choice of 8 finishes and 10 shades with 3 timeless new greys

Available in 6 shades of white and cream, 3 timeless yet modern greys and an intense black, this extensive range is sure to offer a product to suit all your needs. Whether you prefer the smooth finish of CX22, the more original textured finish of Contour, or a mixture of finishes, you can be assured your choice of shade will be identical across the whole range. Conqueror is also available in a 100% cotton and 50% bamboo composition.