Claro leads the way in coated fine papers, helping you to keep a step ahead

A coated paper range which offers a high bulk, high white paper with a unique feel in three finishes. Choose from Gloss, Silk and Bulk and a large range of weights and formats. Claro coated paper offers something different for printed communications.





Outstanding bulk and printability

The outstanding bulk and velvety texture of Claro will bring a unique touch and feel to your printed materials. Claro is FSC certified and has high stiffness and good dimensional stability combined with a short drying time and ease of folding. Available in a large range of finishes, grammages and sizes, in stock and indent.



Claro Gloss

Coated paper with a natural smooth surface and exceptional gloss offering excellent levels of ink lift. FSC certified environmental credentials.


Claro Silk

Satin coated paper offering a natural and rich finish combined with a high whiteness. Comfortably meet all your print requirements from prestigous reports to brochures. Offering excellent legibility without reflection, Claro Silk is the ideal solution to print delicate images and text on an environmentally friendly paper (FSC) with an outstanding touch and feel.


Claro Bulk

High-bulk (>1.0) coated paper with a velvety matt surface gives a unique feel while providing excellent printability. Claro Bulk is the ideal product if you want to give volume to your printed documents while placing the emphasis on colour contrast.