For your photobooks, you will be amazed by Antalis' range of papers that will enhance your most special memories.

For your photobooks, you will be amazed by Antalis' range of papers that will enhance your most special memories.



Products for Printed Communication

Products-home-mohawk.jpgMohawk Superfine, unique paper for high-quality photobooks

You will be amazed by Mohawk Superfine’s luxurious appeal. Its eggshell finish has inspired well-known designers!

Preserve your most special memories

Antalis has a great choice of papers to celebrate all your milestone moments!

Antalis is the one-stop shop for your photo books, photo cards and all related products


Preserve your most special memories you were at the right place, at the right time to capture a unique moment. Now choosing the right paper can play a huge role in making the most faithful reproductions of your photography and your special memories.

Antalis papers can bring your moments to life! For you, we have selected Silver Digital, a coated paper that will faithfully reproduce vibrant colours and rich blacks.

And if you also wish to demonstrate your commitment to the environment, Antalis offers Nautilus, a premium uncoated recycled paper.

Appeal to all the senses, visual effects and touch, with a textured paper

Your images may be more suited to a paper with a natural look and feel. Antalis offers the largest range of high-quality uncoated papers with many different finishes and textures. We have selected two flagships in the Antalis range:

Olin Digital Smooth that is perfect for soft, desaturated images and simple designs and Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Digital with i-Tone® offers excellent sheet formation and surface.



All exceptional moments deserve exceptional papers!

You may wish to share a very special moment of your life, an ultra-creative and inspiring paper is all you need! Antalis is proud to offer the most comprehensive range of premium creative papers including the well-known brands of Conqueror, Rives, Curious Collection, Pop'Set and Keaykolour. This range of premium papers pushes the boundaries in every direction: colour, touch and visual effect.

For each one of these brands, a selection of grammages, colours and textures have been made in ready-to-print digital formats for both liquid and dry toner digital technologies.

Your photobook content deserves high-quality covers

Antalis has a rich choice of boards for soft and hard covers

When bulk and stiffness are required for print and conversion techniques, Antalis has a range of premium-quality coated and uncoated boards. All Antalis papers and boards are FSC® certified.



Antalis has an innovative range of media for wall and desk personalised calendars, for postcards and greeting cards.

Create a unique photo and display in a variety of places with Antalis' magnetic paper, MagneCote, the first magnetic paper combining a coated paper with a proprietary magnetic coating to create a paper that can be printed, perforated, die-cut and laminated.

Postcards or greeting cards can be personalised with videos!

PowerCoat® combines the creative power of paper and the connective power of digital

PowerCoat® is the world's first ready-to-use NFC paper ushering in a new era in intelligent print media!



And what about the future?


The photo market is a growth market!

Photo merchandise items printed on digital production presses continue to sell very well as gifts. The total Western European photo merchandise market is expected to continue to grow at a CAGR (Compound Average Growth Rate) of 4% (Source: Infotrends). In terms of volume, photo cards represent the largest share of the market but photobooks generate the greatest revenue.