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At Antalis, we understand how difficult it can be to find suitable ecommerce packaging supplies. In response, we have created a range of products with your needs in mind.
For example, our speciality ecommerce packaging boxes are simple to store. They are delivered flat-packed making them perfect for smaller spaces. Designed for quick assembly to ensure speed and consistency when constructing your ecommerce shipping boxes, you can be sure you'll get your orders out on time. Our packaging items are also designed for easy sealing and resealing and are suitable for reuse, so if needed, customers can return products in their original packaging.
Our packaging is easy to open too, and its professional presentation delivers that all-important wow factor to customers. 

When you choose Antalis, you’ll also benefit from eco-responsible solutions. With sustainability at the top of our agenda, our products are fully recyclable, with options made from recycled content. 
Our ecommerce packaging is available in an extensive range of sizes and styles, ensuring your products look the part while also keeping your delivery costs to a minimum. 

In the case of unusually shaped boxes, we have a box maker service that can run small runs of bespoke sizes on standard box styles.

Paper Mailing Bags

Paper mailing bags

Perfect for fulfilling smaller ecommerce orders, our paper mailing bags are quick and easy to use. As an FSC-certified product, these bags are a great sustainable choice - robust enough for postal use. These bags avoid using excessive void fill, making them a favourite cost-effective option!

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Postal Box with Easy Seal

Postal boxes with easy seal

Flat packed for easy storage, these FSC-certified boxes are available in different sizes. Featuring a crash lock base with easy 'peel and seal' closing, the design makes for fast and simple assembly and packing. The postal boxes are made from corrugated board and are easily recyclable in domestic settings, making them an ideal choice for any ecommerce business.

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Void Fill and Cushioning

Cushioning and void fill 

We have a comprehensive range of void fill and cushioning solutions to fulfil all your packaging needs, including both recyclable and recycled sustainable options. This ensures your products arrive safely and undamaged and helps you limit the number of returns due to damage in transit.

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Colompac Euroboxes are the answer if you need to ship larger quantities on pallets. The design of the boxes allows you to optimise space on a pallet using a modular size system. Maximising your pallet space lets you keep transport and environmental costs down. FSC- certified and including an easy self-seal strip, this range offers a dependable eco-friendly solution.

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Packing Tape


We have an extensive range of tapes available covering all applications. There is also a selection of paper tapes available, which are fully recyclable, making them perfect for ecommerce!

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Protective Envelopes

Protective envelopes and bags

Ideal for sending delicate items, our high-quality protective envelopes come in all shapes and sizes, and are recyclable and/or contain recycled content.  For a more lightweight shipping bag, we can supply plastic mailing bags which have a recycled content of up to 75%, making them a sustainable plastic choice.

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Smart Systems


Scaling up your business? We can provide automatic bagging machines, void fillers, pallet wrappers, stretch film, and carton automation. Also, if needed, we can build a bespoke automated packaging system for you! Our dedicated machinery engineers are on hand to provide advice and  ecommerce packaging machinery support! 

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bespoke packaging

Bespoke packaging

Are you looking for a bespoke packaging option? Our Smart Packaging Centre is known for creating innovative packaging solutions, whether it's using innovative sustainable materials, creating adaptable packaging, or enhancing the customer experience! Our Smart engineers will create the perfect solution.

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