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Sustainable Solutions

There is ever increasing pressure for manufacturers, suppliers and stockists to reduce the amount of single-use plastics or products that are difficult for end-users to recycle.

Our Green Essentials brochure provides details of our popular packaging items that can be considered as either being made from recycled material, can be easily recycled or can be re-used. There are also items that may help to reduce the carbon footprint associated with packaging. These products may just be simple alternatives to existing products currently being used, or they may be new solutions that can be implemented into existing processes.

This guide is not an exhaustive listing of what we have available, so if you cannot find what you need, or would like help with any of your packaging needs, then please give us a call.


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Carbon Offsetting

It has long been the case that you can carbon balance your paper products through Antalis and our partners, but we’re now able to go further; enabling you to offset the carbon on papers, packaging and plastics delivered to your door through work with our partners.


Bespoke Packaging

We design packaging and tailor-made solutions to suit your individual specifications and enhance consumer experience. Book your expert consultation by contacting our team.