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How a thoughtful reusable packaging design reduced damages

15 Apr 2022 —
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Our client needed a smart packaging design to protect delicate, custom-made truck lamps. Here's how we responded to the challenge.

Our client needed a smart packaging design to protect delicate, custom-made truck lamps. Here's how we responded to the challenge.

The client’s challenge

The client manufactures two kinds of custom-made truck lamps, one round and one rectangular in shape, which are shipped to an external finisher before being returned and placed into storage. To avoid damage to the reflector, the lamps can only be touched at designated points, which proved a challenge when it came to packing them ready for transit.


Prior to contacting Antalis, the lamps were packed into polythene bags and then placed loose into a box. Unsurprisingly, damages stood at a high 30-40%. They approached Antalis to help them find a packaging solution that would provide adequate protection while ensuring minimum contact.

The Antalis solution

Bespoke packaging design comprising laser-cut foam and a corrugated board outer carton.



1. Cut foam securely and safely holds several round lights, making contact only with the safe touchpoints.

Laser Cut Foam

Foam Based Layered Lamp Support


2. Making contact only with the designated touchpoints, a foam base layer supports the lamps while the top layer provides further protection.


3. Five layers of the lamps are packed into the bespoke outer carton.

Bespoke Outer Lamp Carton.


Alan-Stanley Packaging Account Manager






Alan Stanley
Account Manager at Antalis Packaging

This was a complex design brief. Coming up with a packaging design that would provide sufficient protection while using minimum touchpoints was a real challenge for the design team at the Antalis Smart Packaging Centre, but there is no doubt that they were equal to the task. The client was delighted with the result, especially with the fact that the packaging is reusable, which helps to further improve their environmental footprint.

The process

Using a clear framework, the Antalis packaging team set to work developing a solution:


  • Explore: A site visit was carried out to gain a clear understanding of the challenges faced and of the scope and scale of the requirement. The two lights, one long and rectangular, and the other round, can only be touched at specific points to avoid damage – if the surface is touched outside of these points the lights won’t work properly. It was therefore important that any new packaging proposed would provide optimum protection with minimum contact. Samples of the two lights were taken back to the Antalis Smart Packaging Centre to help in the development of a design and prototype.
  • Propose: Reusable packaging inserts made from a reusable, strong and hard-wearing foam that bounces back into shape. For the rectangular light, foam was cut to fit the touch-points, providing protection to the top and bottom of the light with minimal contact. The lights are packed in layers in a bespoke corrugated box. Similarly, the round lamps are packed into a foam tray with circular columns that securely hold and support the lamps from underneath; the trays are then stacked inside a bespoke corrugated box.
  • Test: The prototype was tested successfully and the client delighted with the result.

Advantages of the solution

Efficiency Icon


Reduced packing time.

Environmental Icon


Reusable material resulting in minimal use of materials and waste. Reduction of damages.

Cost Saving Icon


Less material used, reduction in product damages and reduction of delivery costs.

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