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New personalised air cushions bring a richer brand experience to your packaging

17 Jan 2020 —
air cushon machine

Antalis Packaging is excited to expand its collection of personalised packaging with the introduction of custom printed air cushions to its extensive range of materials and solutions.

Antalis Packaging is excited to expand its collection of personalised packaging with the introduction of custom printed air cushions to its extensive range of materials and solutions.

“With the rise of online shopping, we recognise the need for retailers to pull out the stops to create the desired brand experience in the absence of the store. As such, we are always on the lookout for new ways to help our customers create the WOW factor that sets them apart from their competition” commented Scott Tuckey, Product Manager at Antalis Packaging.

This new option allows customers to enhance their packaging with the addition of branding, promotions, or seasonal messages on air cushions – in a colour of their choice. Customers can choose from a number of printing options including duo, random and continuous print on all cushions. The ink used is water-based, so materials also remain 100% recyclable.

Personised print can be added to a number of the films used on various Air Cushion Systems such as the Mini Pak'R and Pro Pak’R. And, with printing free for orders of one pallet per film type, it offers a cost effective solutions to make your packaging stand out. An option that isn’t possible on other cushioning products like bubble wrap, foam rolls and loose fill.

Air cushioning image 1customised air cushioning

Geami WrapPak® An eco-friendly bubble wrap alternative

Antalis Packaging has become a distribution partner of newly launched Geami WrapPak®, an eco-friendly and cost effective alternative to plastic bubble wrap from Ranpak. The award-winning, one-of-a-kind paper packaging solution eliminates the need for tape, while being a sustainable alternative to bubble wrap.

Geami WrapPak HV Converter


Its unique structure is the combination of a patented die cut kraft paper combined with a tissue interleaf paper. The Geami WrapPak® HV converter then expands the paper into a 3D honeycomb structure, creating a unique wrapping product that requires no additional tape, due to the angled cells locking in place.

Available in brown and white outer casing, Geami WrapPak® uses recyclable materials while providing an eye-catching presentation, enhancing customer experience and satisfaction. Its space saving qualities are due to its conversion from flat, stackable pallets to 3D honeycomb materials. It also can help to improve the efficiency of the packaging operation, enabling warehouse packers to wrap at a faster pace.

The converter can be placed on any workstation where individual items are packed, with dimensions that make it suitable for table top wrapping. It can be used across a multitude of sectors, including cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, lighting, ceramics, electrical goods, household items and even for a unique gift wrap.

See the Geami WrapPak in action…




Introducing our new range of Air Cushion Machines

Antalis Packaging has added new air cushion machines to its void-fill portfolio in the UK and Ireland, in collaboration with FP International. The Mini Pak’R Retail, Mini Pak’R Industrial and Pro Pak’R range will allow those from SME businesses through to large corporations to effectively and efficiently utilise air-cushions as void fill for their packaging operations – therefore reducing necessary storage space.


Mini PakR Air Cushion Machine


The Mini Pak’R Retail air cushion machine

A tabletop unit weighing only 6kg, produces five different types of cushioning for products and may also be wall-mounted. The films range from the NOVUS double cushion, NOVUS Quilt-Air, NOVUS Supertube, CELL-O Green plus the CELL-O EZ film. A wide array of void-fill configurations are possible, suitable for protecting virtually any product and lining any interior.


The Mini Pak’R Industrial machine

Suited to warehouses or distribution centres where space is at a premium. Due to its compact size and robust performance, it is ideal for busy multi-packing lanes where different film configurations are required.


The Pro Pak’R system

Used in specialist environments with a high output, where several thousand packs may need to be processed per day. All Pak’R systems can be combined within an ergonomic delivery packaging line, allowing for a more streamlined operation.


Pro PakR Air Cushion MachineEach machine uses RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) intelligent barcoding technology to recognise the specific film, allowing the correct inflation levels and sealing temperature to be applied. This removes the element of human error in selecting the right levels, reducing the chance of damage in transit. USB storage means that initial setup is only required once, with all data then stored within the machine’s memory.

The void-fill material is 100% recyclable, and incredibly lightweight – 98% of the product is air, adding virtually no extra weight to a carton or pallet. The film is also EN13427 compliant and meets the standards of all relevant European Environmental Directives.

Simon Richards, UK Sales Manager for FP International comments: “FP International is delighted to be expanding our European partnership with Antalis Packaging as our collaboration in the UK develops. Antalis Packaging is a proven stakeholder in European packaging distribution, providing leadership in sales and field support to effectively meet clients’ needs.  At FP International, we value the expertise Antalis Packaging has to offer and look forward to a long-lasting partnership.”

Scott Day, Regional Sales Manager, Midlands, Antalis Packaging, adds: “The partnership with FP International is a testament to Antalis Packaging’s commitment to supplying the latest packaging technologies. By improving protection of products in transit and lessening damages that reduce profit margins, the products available from FP International will allow those working within any sized packaging operation to improve the cost-effectiveness and security of their product, as well as reduce their carbon footprint and improve green credentials.”