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Our commitment to the

Antalis' environmental approach

Our approach starts at the beginning and touches every stage of the supply chain from sourcing and design, to distribution and recycling.

We have considered the complete packaging life cycle across 4 key areas and are committed to taking concrete action on each of these core pillars. We are confident that our approach can improve the current situation and effect radical change.

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Antalis is highly focused on improving sourcing through the responsible selection of suppliers and materials, while developing traceability. Our purchasing team works every day with our suppliers to offer the best eco-friendly products to support our customers in this environmental challenge.

  • We are favouring wood-based materials certified FSC, PEFC
  • We are sourcing bio-plastics or recycled plastics
  • We are selecting recyclable plastics
  • We are strengthening traceability of the supply chain with the Antrak platform
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Our packaging engineers are committed to designing packaging using renewable and recycled materials while maintaining excellent product protection.

  • Reduce: We are minimising the amount of material used
  • Reuse: We are designing reusable solutions
  • Recycle: We are favouring mono-material packaging and wood-based materials
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It was essential to rethink our distribution processes to develop low-carbon transportation practices, to reduce the environmental footprint of our distribution centres and advise our customers on the most suitable eco-friendly packaging solutions.

  • We are offering responsible and eco-friendly packaging solutions
  • We are establishing recycling and improving our energy consumption with our ISO 14001-certified packaging warehouses
  • We are engaged in a low-carbon transportation approach
  • We are reducing waste and energy consumption in storage
Recycling icon

Every day, Antalis is working hard to provide complete and convenient product information regarding recyclability. Beyond this approach, our experts advise customers on the best end-of-life approach for packaging to ensure smart management of waste reduction.

  • We are committed to providing accurate product recycling information
  • We are sharing advice from CSR experts on recycling solutions
  • We are supporting our customers to improve packaging sorting