Easystock – the Antalis inventory management solution

Easystock is an exclusive Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) service specially designed for you. Easystock optimises your inventory management and automates your most repetitive orders. You will be more productive with an application set up according to your needs with help from dedicated advisors if you need it.



The idea is simple

From our website, go to the easystock account specifically configured for you. We will have previously defined the products you need most and a minimum and maximum stock level for each of them.

  • The stock is on your premises, but we own it 
  • You declare your consumption in one click
  • The stock level is updated and available online
  • We take care of restocking the product
  • Easystock advisors can help you remotely when needed

 3 easy steps


You take products from the stock.


You register your consumption on the website or by scanning the barcode of the product on the easystock app.


This is then recorded and the stock is reduced in real time.

The consumption will be used to create an invoice

Follow your stock refill in 5 steps

img-easy-stock-4.jpgAll of your easystock inventory will be automatically restocked once one item falls below a minimum stock level.

img-easy-stock-5.jpgYou can see our stock replenishment shipments from our warehouse on the available stock screen.

img-easy-stock-6.jpgYou can confirm receipt of a stock replenishment with one click.

realtime stock 4.jpgYour stock is updated in real time.


Benefits for you

  • Greatly reduce your workload reordering recurring or daily orders
  • Optimise your stock: Fewer shortages and less storage space used
  • Standardise your references
  • Billing in line with your consumption
  • Visibility of stock levels updated in real time

Why our customers like it