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Antalis Cookie policy

The Antalis Cookie Policy describes what cookies are, what they do and how we use them on this Website.

1. General information

Cookies are small files of numbers and letters which are stored on a Business Contact’s computer when they access certain websites. These cookies are used to improve Business Contact experience on the particular website by remembering who the Business Contact is. However, the Business Contact can also choose not to download cookies. Certain functionalities may not be available to Business Contacts who do not accept Cookies.

2. Cookies used on this website and purpose

Our website uses the following cookies for the following purposes:

Essential cookies
These perform a variety of functions, such as keeping a visitor logged in to their account, retaining items in the shopping basket or if a quote is requested, ensuring information is displayed correctly on the website and recording whether visitors have accepted the use of cookies.

We use Google Analytics, Google Search Console and Microsoft Bing to assess how visitors use the website, to understand how visitors arrived at the site (e.g. using keyword searches), to monitor how long visitors remain on the website and when they return, and to control website traffic at busy times. These cookies use anonymous information only.

We use cookies to enable automated email services to work and to enable visitors to see the correct view of the website, for example if different versions are being tested. Cookies are also used for the management of orders, collections and deliveries. If the website offers product reviews, surveys, live chat facilities or videos, cookies will be used to manage this functionality.

If you select a branch or location or indicate other preferences, a cookie will remember that information.

Performance monitoring:
These cookies record a visitor’s progress through a browsing session for problem solving and to identify an errors in the use of the site that the visitor may experience. They also link a visitor’s actions with website usage and performance. Some cookies identify the visitor’s IP address, browser and device type.

We use Google DoubleClick, Google Adwords, Microsoft Bing and Eloqua to monitor how visitors to the website respond to adverts and to ensure that adverts are targeted to the visitor’s preferences, both on this website and on other websites. Cookies from Eloqua ensure marketing communications are relevant and monitor how customers respond to emails. They are also used to send emails in reaction to onsite behaviour i.e. reminders about items left in the shopping basket.

Social Media
Cookies track the products viewed by a visitor to the website and may serve similar adverts on when the user visits their Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn page. Other cookies enable visitors to share or like items on our website using social media buttons.


Cookie name Domain name where the cookie comes from Goal duration
JSESSIONID Security - Internet session Session expiration
Cookie reminder Security - Reminder 2 weeks
EU rule It is a specific popup (pop-up window) that is previewed and activated when a user visits the site for the first time. com.antalis.web.COOKIE_POLICY_EU_ENABLED indicates if the EU popup allows the session to expire com.antalis.web.COOKIE_POLICY_EU_ACCEPTED indicates if the user accepts the payment. Session expiration
com.antalis.web.LOCALE Specific application - Indicates the actors of the country and language Session expiration
com.antalis.web. DO_NOT_SHOW_ADDED_TO_CART_ALERT Specific application - Indicates if the popup (popup window) should be shown when a product is added to the cart Session expiration
com.antalis.web.PAGE HOME Specific application - Indicate which page of your company should be used as home page 13 months


We use a third part of cookies like Google Analytics in order to analyze the use of this website. Google Analytics generates statistics and other information about the type of use of website cookies, which are stored on users' computers. The information generated linked to our website is used to create reports regarding the use of the website. Google will store this information. Google’s privacy policy is available at:


Cookie name Original domain name (website) Goal duration
_ga Used to distinguish users   2 years
_gid It is used to distinguish the identification of the user / visitor. It changes with each page viewed. This cookie is used to track the user journey page by page on the site.  24 hours
_gat If Google Analytics is deployed via "Google Tag Manager", this cookie will be renamed _dc_gtm_ <property-id>. 1 minute

3. How to change cookie settings on browsers?

Users can block the storage of cookies, delete existing cookies, and change the duration for which cookies are stored on their computer by configuring their browsers accordingly (usually via ‘Tools’ or ‘Options’ / ‘Privacy’ or ‘Confidentiality’). Doing so will, however, affect their browsing experience.

4. Deletion of cookies

Website users can also delete existing cookies from their computer by configuring their browser accordingly (usually by accessing the "Tools" or "Options" / "Privacy" or "Confidentiality" menu). However, by doing so, they are likely to alter their browsing experience on the website and not be able to enjoy the benefits of the cookie.