PVC Foam

Discover our complete range of high-quality Foam rigid PVCs for your interior and exterior applications. Our PVC foam products are available in a variety of densities, sizes, and formats to suit your needs.

Foamalite Colours offers a smooth, matt finish in eye-catching colours, while Foamalight Xpress is an ultra-lightweight option with an ultra-white shade.

Foamatec is a standard density coloured PVC with a smooth, matt finish available in various colours, sizes, and calipers.

Forex Lite is the lightest density Foam PVC sheet available, while Forex Print is perfect for sign-making and advertising.

Smart-X is a distinctive lightweight foamboard, ideal for long-lasting external applications.

Stadur Sign SF is a low-density foam board suitable for both internal and external applications. It is weather and humidity-resistant and has dual-sided protective films.

For closing the open edges of your boards, Stadur Viscom Edge is a flexible profile tape available directly from the roll.

Find the perfect PVC foam product for your project needs with us.
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