Foam Board

Synthetic foam boards provide a lightweight and versatile solution for hanging signs and displays. Direct printing and mounting prints are also easy to do with foam boards.

This range of products includes FOAM-X®, a cost-effective foam board with a polyurethane foam core and coated multi-layered paper liners. FOAM-X® is suitable for indoor applications and is ideal for suspended signs, decorations, and picture frames.

KAPA®fix 1 sided is a lightweight foam board that is easy to laminate and features self-adhesive on one side with aluminum reinforced liners.

KAPA®line features high-quality chromo substitute liners, while KAPA®mount is a lightweight foam board with aluminum reinforced liners and chromo board cover layers.

Stadur’s VISCOM SIGN EASYPRINT is a light and rigid PVC-free foam board suitable for interior and exterior use, optimized for digital printing and finishing.

Milling V-shaped grooves enables the foam board to be easily foldable by hand, while milling slot grooves allows various geometrical shapes to be generated, giving free-reign to creative design options.

Choose from this range of foam boards for your signage needs and more.
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