Antalis presents a range of high-quality greyboards, known for their durability and solid construction.
These large format boards are perfect for rigid, top-notch packaging, hardcover books, backing boards, partitions, and various other applications. The attractive grey recycled appearance enhances the design and is often laminated with pre-printed material.

This assortment includes unlined and white-lined grey boards. An unlined greyboard is widely used for packaging, backing boards, box separators, and stiffeners, offering a cost-effective solution. It is produced from 100% post-consumer waste, ensuring recyclability and it often feature FSC certification.

White-lined grey boards come in various sizes and thicknesses, providing printability and contrast to the solid greyboards. Board and liner are both 100% recycled and FSC accredited, meeting sustainability standards and offering full recyclability.

This selection of large format boards is available in various weights, sizes and calipers for all your business needs.