Xerox Standard Tab Dividers Straight Collation (2 Item(s))

White printable Xerox straight collated tab dividers, (also called Xerox single straight collated tabs or Xerox dividers straight collation) - perfect to organise important information in an effective visual way.

Supplied as A4+ sheets each with a single tab on the right side, and slightly wider than standard A4, Xerox dividers make it easy to locate where specific sections start and end when used within A4 binders, files, or folders.

Xerox dividers are highly customisable, and ideal for offices with high-volumes of in-house printing.

Dividers and tabs have been left white to allow users to print on each of them, to give a corporate or a personalised look to any document, from training manuals to employee handbooks.

Straight collated tabs are printed in ascending order (first tab at the top of the sheet, last tab at the bottom) and pages are flipped during the printing process: straight collation works only in combination with compatible printers, Xerox dividers are available in different number of tabs per pack.

Product Information:

  • Standard sequence for easy referencing
    160gm board for durable repeat use
    Printable tabs

Technical information:

  • Mono & Colour Laser Printing


  • Xerox 100% Performance guarantee
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