Xerox Premium NeverTear Matt Clear Adhesive Film (1 Item(s))

Xerox Premium NeverTear Matt Frosted Adhesive film is the perfect product to create durable signages or hard-wearing labels.

Easy to customise and use. No need for lamination: just print it, peel it and apply it!

Ideal for any window signage applications, outdoor and indoor likewise, Xerox Premium NeverTear Matt Frosted Adhesive film is also waterproof and heat resistant.

The smooth, uniform surface of this Xerox Premium NeverTear film is finished with an attractive high opacity frosted appearance, for superb eye-catching visual impact.

Suitable for all laser printers.

Product Information:

  • Reliable
    High durability
    Superb print quality
    Water resistant
    Tear resistant
    Attractive frosted finish
    Xerox Performance guarantee
    Perfect for creating hard wearing signage and labelling


  • • Point of sale advertising
    • Hygiene/ washing signs
    • Maps
    • Visitor information/Directions
    • Store opening times
    • Signage in damp environments
    • Health and safety signs

Technical information:

  • Mono or Colour Laser Printing


  • Xerox 100% performance guarantee
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