Xerox carbonless (or NCR, No Carbon Required) pre-perforated sheets are ideal for creating multiple copies of tear-out books such as delivery notes, time sheets, medical records.

Very easy to customise with a logo or barcodes, these Xerox carbonless sheets are collated in sets, and already in the correct order to transfer a mark several times through them.

Such order has always to be the same: a Xerox sheet coated back with ink at the top (CB), a Xerox carbonless paper coated front with clay at the bottom (CF) and - if more than two copies of a form are needed - middle sheets coated with clay/ink (CFB) in-between.

The ink adheres on the reverse side of the previous sheet in a pile, therefore when for example a pressure is applied for a signature, a chemical reaction happens between the different coated surfaces and the marking is “carbon copied” from the top to the bottom of the stack.

Optimised for digital printing and perfect runnability, these Xerox pre-perforated collated sheets are available in a choice of sets to obtain two or more copies.