Waterproof Papers

Packaging papers are ideal for wrapping, separating and covering your products to protect them from dirt, moisture and damage during transit and storage.

They offer a cost-effective solution for a whole range of products including glassware, bottles, textiles, pipes, automotive parts, and more. Kraft papers relate to a range of papers that are manufactured using an extra chemical treating process on the ground paper pulp.

Pure Kraft paper is a superior strength brown paper, made using well bonded fibres to ensure the paper is robust. Because pure Kraft paper is made using unbleached pulp, the paper has higher strength and durability which offers superior puncture and tear resistance. The addition of a waxed finish provides a paper that can offer a moisture resistant barrier, which makes this paper ideal for use with wrapping oily or greasy items.

This moisture protection also acts as a corrosion inhibitor, which makes this perfect for use in the shipping of metallic components and machine parts.