Corporate Social Responsibillity

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Inspire and lead the way

Our Group has set an ambitious roadmap for the 2020 - 2025 period. It is founded on our 4 KEY CSR PILLARS addressing the Group’s main issues.



Each initiative is the subject of a specific plan of action, adaptable for our different divisions and backed up by performance and monitoring indicators. This common strategy built on ISO 26000 guarantees the acknowledgement of the impacts of our activities within a defined framework and in the most rigorous compliance with international standards.


"We see CSR as an opportunity generator. It drives innovation, addresses the expectations of our stakeholders and provides a strong platform for the development of relevant solutions"
- Herve Poncin, CEO

Our CSR Strategy


For detailed information about our CSR strategy and how the four pillars weave into our offering, please visit our Corporate Social Reposibility pages.