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Packaging Consultancy

Antalis Packaging offer a range services from packaging design to packaging consultancy to help ensure your packaging processes, materials and equipment are working cost effectively and efficiently.


Packaging Design Centre

Our team of packaging engineers use the latest CAD software to design bespoke packaging solutions for you, no matter how unusual your product:

  •  Cost-cutting through short development times
  •  Batch production
  •  Fast prototype construction
  •  Designed to your specific measurements


In-house Laboratory

Our in-house laboratory carries out quality controls on our own products and allows us to test packaging samples on your behalf. Examples of our testing programme include:

  •  Tensile strength and breaking length
  •  Water resistance
  •  pH calculations
  •  Cobb Value
  •  Climatic testing



packCONSULT is the answer to the question of how to optimise not only your packaging but also your entire logistical process.  We analyse all your processes directly on-site and identify areas for potential savings and improvements.


Looking to ensure you’re using stretch films cost effectively and make savings? Then our stretchCONSULT service can help. We will work with you to develop an optimal unit load safety device for your specific situation.


Our team of experts examine your corrosion protection requirements as well as the application and process technology.  We don’t just supply you with suitable packaging to protect against corrosion; we also assess the optimisation of your production process.



- Contact the Packaging team on ambassador@ambassador-antalis.co.uk
- Call 0870 241 1462 to talk to them directly 

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