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With Pioneer papers, the ordinary
becomes remarkable


Pioneer is a premium quality, high white office paper that will create
the impact and is
guaranteed for colour work on laser and inkjet
copiers and printers.
It is ideal for valuable communication, including
colour presentations, reports and corporate stationery, ensuring you
make the right impression. Pioneer is also available in folio formats.



  • Pioneer Paper is extremely white and stiff. This means printing bright colours with significant contrast and thanks to its thickness, Pioneer also has excellent machine performance.
  • Pioneer boasts greater opacity and better paper formation. Our paper is manufactured with Portuguese Eucalyptus Globulus, so the paper achieves the highest machine performance level and printing quality. Eucalyptus Globulus has a high concentration of fibres, resulting in optimised porosity and mechanical strength.
  • High technology meets social responsibility. Pioneer is FSC® certified and is made from forests that are managed responsibly by grupo Portucel Soporcel (gPS). Since 2005, Pioneer has been supporting Laço, a non-profit association working towards the prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer.