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A comprehensive range of carbon balanced premium
uncoated papers with a natural touch


Whether you go for the Regular, Rough or Smooth, Olin Design will not only
enhance the print rendering, but also add its natural and premium touch that
will help you have more impact.

From 50gsm up to 400gsm and with 5 shades from Absolute White to Ivory,
Olin Design has what you need to produce stunning printed communications.






Olin Design Regular

The eucalyptus fibres used in the making of Olin Design are of the purest quality, making it a paper that has premium written all over it. With a wide range of shades and weights, Olin Design Regular is a truly versatile and high quality uncoated paper ideal for all your creative communications.

> 50 - 400gsm

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Olin Design Smooth

Made to exacting standards to give the best available uncoated paper, gently touch a sheet of Olin Design Smooth and you’ll find a surface that’s delightfully soft, with excellent formation. Add to this its opacity and you have a paper which gives the most superb colour reproduction, even when printed both sides.

> 80 - 400gsm

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Olin Design Rough

A tactile paper with a rough organic feel. If you're looking for a light textured paper that is environmentally friendly and offers the highest quality print reproduction, Olin Design Rough is the perfect choice for you.

> 80 - 400gsm

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Olin Design Digital

Olin Design has been extensively tested to ensure that its high quality credentials are maintained on all digital presses, to give you the first premium digital paper to achieve really flat tint areas as well as bold, vivid colours. Certified for HP Indigo with dry toner presses, Olin Design Digital provides exceptional digital print results.
Available in 3 finishes: Regular, Smooth and Rough.

> 120, 200, 300gsm

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