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>> Image®. Paper for all. New branding start for Image® brand.

Antalis launches new branding of its Image® brand. Image® portfolio has grown over several years and developed into the one of the most extensive paper ranges in the market.

Image® family offers premium quality coated and uncoated papers for the professional digital presses. High quality office papers for any business need and for all types of equipment. Ranges of tinted and recycled papers with the best environmental credentials.

All Image® papers are designed and manufactured for specific applications, providing excellent paper for professional, office and home printing. Every paper in the Image® range delivers excellent printing performance and produces high quality colour and mono documents time after time. Such product offer under the Image® brand well describes and reinforces its new statement as Image®. Paper for all.

The new branding release is planned for December 2018.

To mark up this launch the new Image® calendar is developed and getting to the markets. The customers can request local Antalis teams for more details and for new brand guidelines as well as claim the new 2018 Image® calendar.




>> Image®. Paper for all!