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Think big.

Data Copy is a total-office-guaranteed paper
with an
ultra white and ultra smooth surface
proving the perfect
printing results for any
of your daily communication.


Data Copy 75

Data Copy 75 g/m2

Data Copy 75 g/m2 even greener paper is lighter and more environmentally friendly is best to use for the daily internal jobs and volume printing.

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Data Copy 80

Data Copy 80 g/m2

High whiteness and smoothness of Data Copy 80 g/m2 is an ideal choice for printing presentations and colorful documentations as well as using it for any other daily printing jobs.

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Data Copy 90 g/m2

Higher thickness of Data Copy 90 g/m2 is perfect choice for the external presentations, color documents and double printing.

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Data Copy 100 g/m2

Stiffness and durability of your documents is guaranteed with even high weight of Data Copy 100 g/m2, the right choice for any powerful presentation and great impression.

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Data Copy Grab-and-Go box

A clever packaging Grab-and-Go box with a handle is designed to make the carrying and transportation as easy and simple as possible.


Data Copy boxes

Special side tear strip on the Data Copy boxes offers the simplicity to tear and pick the ream easily.


Data Copy A3

90 gsm and 100 gsm A3 papers are packed with 3 reams inside for the light lifting and carrying it.


Data Copy A5

Data Copy A5 paper ream - smaller paper, big results. Beautifully white and smooth, the Data Copy in A5 format can come handy and effective as an internal note, a flyer or leaflet.