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Technical Specifications

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Color Copy is a range of high quality papers developed
specifically for modern digital printing applications.
There is an excellent choice of smooth white uncoated
and coated papers for any of your communications.




Printing and handling guidelines

The paper is a “living” product which will serve you well and will provide you
with the outstanding performance if you take good care of it. If you want
your office paper to give you the best printing and copying results follow these
simple but practical guidelines, you will notice the difference!


• Always keep your paper in the original packaging which has an inner lining protecting against moisture
   or dryness from the room environment.

• Only load the amount of paper you need to use for your work into your printer or copier.

• Reseal the ream with the remaining paper until the next use.

• Take the paper sheets from the center of the ream if it has been left unsealed.

• Store the ream of paper in cabinets or on the shelves; avoid putting it directly on the floor to avoid
   moisture absorption.

• Leave your paper to “adapt” to the room temperature for an hour before opening it when you bring it
   from a cold or hot exterior.

Choose areas protected from the extreme cold or hot temperatures and humidity for storing your paper.

Store your paper at a temperature of approximately 20-23°C/68-76°F and humidity level of about 50%.

• Store individual reams or boxes carefully one on top of the other to avoid damaging the ream
   packaging or paper edges.

Avoid dropping or throwing the paper reams or the paper boxes.

Keep a minimum amount of paper in the feed tray of your copier machine or printer.




Full colour laser dry toner machines for high volume printing, duplex printing, full colour graphics, banners, posters, photography etc.