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Xerox®-certified Media Compatibility Matrix (MCM)

As part of Antalis d2b – digital to business – initiative, over 180 digital papers distributed by Antalis have undergone testing by Xerox® MCTC (Xerox® Media & Consumables Testing Center) through a series of very rigorous tests measuring up to 11 parameters. The result of these tests that lasted over 6 months is a unique and exclusive Xerox®-certified Media Compatibility Matrix (also called MCM) that shows how a variety of media sold by Antalis perform on different types of Xerox® digital presses. The common objective of Antalis and Xerox® is to broaden the scope of media  available to Xerox® customers for their Xerox® digital presses so they can produce higher-value digital pages, leverage new applications and develop new streams of revenue.

A selection of the best  performing media for Xerox® iGen, Iridesse, Color 1000, Versant 80 / 180 / 2100 / 3100 presses are presented in this folder with 5 different status:


G Certified with excellent print results using default settings labeled 100% Performance Guaranteed.
mcm-2-16x16.png Certified with excellent print results using specific settings for optimised performance.
mcm-3-16-16.png Prior testing is recommended, printing results depend on print job.
mcm-4-16x16.png Not recommended.
- Not tested yet.

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Premium NeverTear
premium_nevertear_RangeChoice_182x162.jpg Xerox Premium NeverTear is a matt white polyester film that can be printed using colour and mono laser printers. Tested and approved for high quality digital printing the matt finish gives outstanding image quality, as well as high opacity and whiteness.
Key Features:
• High durability
• Superb print quality
• Water resistant
• Tear resistant
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Premium Digital Carbonless
digital_carbonless_RangeChoice_182x162.jpg Premium Digital Carbonless Paper has been specifically designed for use in copiers and laser printers from high speed to desk top, from mono to colour. You can create multi-part business forms on demand from your printer, eliminating the need for high set up costs or inventories. Template button.png
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Create Range Digital Packaging Templates    
Create_182x162.jpg The Xerox Create range allows you to digitally print bespoke and personalised items, such as boutique bags, mouse mats, folders and more. This is done by using pre-converted sheets of Xerox Colour Impressions and inserting them into recyclable polypropylene based bodies. The finished product can be used to support events, exhibitions and other business activities. One of the main benefits of these products is that each one can be re-used over and over again, by simply changing the cover. Document storage solutions can also be found within the range. Template button.png
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Fun Flip Template    
Xerox_funflip_182x162.jpg Xerox FunFlip™ is something your customers will never forget. Photo consumers will find it irresistibly perfect for party invites, for groups of friends, teams etc. Businesses will embrace it for product promotions, business cards, company presentations etc. The origami of media applications!
An unforgettable, interactive, four-sided, dimensional application. The perfect compliment to a traditional 4”x6” photo.
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