Image Label Templates

image labels

Image & Multipurpose Label Templates

Image and multipurpose label range cover the most popular label size formats used in the A4 based market. All items can be easily printed by laser, copier or inkjet around the office

Image PDF Templates

Below is the complete range of templates in PDF to ensure quality aligned print on your Image labels regardless of shape or size.

Select either rounded or square conrner version to download to suit your specific requirements.

Rounded Templates PDF
54654 1up Round 199.6x289.1mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54656 2up Round 199.6x143.5mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54661 4up Round 99.1x139mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54662 6up Round 99.1x93.1mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54663 8up Round 99.1x67.7mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54665 10up Round 99.1x57mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54666 14up Round 99.1x38.1mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54667 16up Round 99.1x34mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54668 18up Round 63.5x46.6mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54670 21up Round 63.5x38.1mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54690 24up Round 63.5x34mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54693 65up Round  38x21mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54694 2up Round dia 118mm cd/dvd pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54695 15up Round dia 51mm pdf-logo_50w.jpg


Square Templates PDF
54691 556303 12up Square 105x48 pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54692 556304 14up Square 105x42.3 pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54696 561677 3up Square 210x99 pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54697 561678 6up Square 105x99 pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54698 561679 36up Square 48.9x29.6 pdf-logo_50w.jpg
54699 561680 10up Square 105x59.4 pdf-logo_50w.jpg