EBS Calculator

EBS Calculator

EBS Calculator

By using the Antalis Environmental Calculator you can see exactly how you have reduced your impact on the environment by using papers from our recycled range compared to those manufactured from non-recycled fibres, right down to an individual job. 

Adding up the difference

We all know that using recycled paper makes a difference by conserving the earth’s resources. But judging that difference on individual jobs isn’t so easy and that can make explaining the environmental option a little harder.

Our environmental calculator shows the precise difference that using recycled paper makes. Reductions in water, CO2, energy and wood are compared to virgin fibre grades – in detail and for your specific job.



Get your Environmental Benefit Statement

- Simply enter the specification of your print job into the calculator
- The calculator will generate a PDF showing your results

Then you can either

- Include the statement as a line of text on your document
- Or email the PDF to us using the link below and we will send
print ready artwork of the Environment Benefit Statement (EBS)