Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Carbon Footprint

Supporting the UK Government initiative, we began measuring our carbon footprint in 2008 and continue to work towards reducing our Carbon Footprint. We elected to use 2015 as the Base Year in conjunction with our energy management system which will be audited to ISO 50001:2011 in 2017.

Renewable Energy

45% of electricity generation from our electricity energy providers is from renewable energy sources, predominately hydropower.

We have reduced our carbon footprint and energy use by over 4% since 2015. Additionally, each energy performance indicator has improved from the Base Year (2015) to the current year, both overall and with regard to each individual performance indicator.


Comparisons with 2015 (also the Base Year)

  2015 Tonnes of CO2 Equivalent Base Year 2016 Tonnes of CO2 Equivalent % vs. 2015
Natural Gas (Combustion & Company Cars) 8,760,186 8,516,798 -2.78%
Purchased Electricity 860,726 749,294 -12.95%
Total 10,325,125 9,879,152 -4.32%