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Dirt Protection


Protection  against dirt

For greater open-air storage protection

To keep your spare parts and seasonal machines in good condition during long-term storage, they need to be protected from dirt, moisture and other damaging elements. We are here to help you make the right choice to suit your needs.



Product Description Applications Advantages

PE cover sheets

Transparent, tear-resistant LDPE cover sheets, perforated on reels

Pallet cover protection, placed on the pallet before stretching

Protects against damp, dirt and dust, user-friendly

PE side folded hood

Pre-fabricated bags on a reel from LDPE film with tear perforations

Lining for lattice boxes and containers, covering pallets and other goods

Protects against dust, dirt and moisture, tear and penetration-resistant

Reusable transport container

Flexible pallet box system comprised of a pallet, ring and polypropylene cover

Reusable container with tailboard for storage and transport in one

Container is collapsible for practical stacking which saves space and transport costs.