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Packaging Applications

  • Cushioning materials

    During handling, storage and transport, packages are subjected to stress from impacts, vibrations, dropping, tipping and compression. Cushioning materials are the perfect solution to protect your products from damage.

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  • Void fill, stuffing

    When shipping your goods, the voids in the packaging box must be filled to stop your product from moving around and to prevent damage. Choose from a number of solutions including paper, air cushions, packaging foam and loose fill.

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  • Shipping package

    We have a wide range of packaging materials to help you transport your products. Whether you are shipping small items, heavy goods, delicate or irregular-shaped products, we have a solution to suit.

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  • Box closing

    To make sure your products are fully protected and secure during storage and transit, your boxes must be safely sealed. We offer a wide range of sealing products to put your mind at ease.

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  • Pallet security

    Pallets, non-slip papers, stretch films, corner protection brackets and strapping are used to stabilise loading units during transport. We can also provide suitable machines for processing.

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