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With  Xerox® Recycled Supreme 100%, Antalis offers office customers optimum environmental and print performance


With Xerox® Recycled Supreme 100%, Antalis offers office customers optimum environmental and print performance

After a year of collaboration between Antalis, its suppliers and the Xerox® MCTC (Xerox® Media & Consumables Technology Center), Antalis is launching Xerox® Recycled Supreme 100%. The first Xerox® product to be launched by Antalis since the acquisition of the Xerox® DSE division in 2013.Xerox Recylced Supreme 100%.JPG

Produced from 100% post-consumer waste, the new premium recycled paper carries a 5-star rating under the Green Star System and also offers “100% performance guaranteed” having passed rigorous Xerox® performance tests. Xerox® Recycled Supreme 100% aims to replace 3 existing Xerox® recycled product ranges - Xerox® Recycled Pure+, Xerox® Recycled Supreme and Xerox® Recycled Supreme+ - offering customers even stronger environmental credentials and a simplified choice of paper at no extra cost. Resellers will also benefit from reduced stock levels. 

The very best in recycled paper

Xerox® Recycled Supreme 100% is made exclusively from recycled materials, thus promoting eco-responsible behaviour and contributing to the reduction of CO2 emissions. Furthermore, it offers a superior whiteness level (CIE 150) comparable to that of top quality non-recycled office papers. This is achieved through meticulous waste paper selection and advanced recycling and cleaning procedures. The high level of whiteness makes Xerox® Recycled Supreme 100% suitable for a wide array of use and day-to-day applications in an office environment just like its non-recycled counterparts. 

Guaranteed performance for customers

Xerox® Recycled Supreme 100% carries the Antalis “100% Performance Guaranteed” label which confirms that it has undergone rigorous testing by the Xerox® MCTC (Xerox® Media & Consumables Technology Center) bexerox-certified-259x194.JPGfore being deemed fit for service. Physical properties of the paper such as grammage, thickness, stiffness, formation, smoothness, whiteness, shade opacity and moisture content are checked to give the final product the best look and feel as well as to ensure print quality and runnability. The sheet structure and behaviour are also tested as all these properties can affect the paper’s print performance. Comprehensive mill inspections and testing of samples with Xerox® printers ensure that the paper produced is of consistently high quality.

After a year of arduous technical testing, we are very proud to launch such an exceptional recycled paper as our first new paper under the Xerox® brand,” explains Dan Turner, Product Manager, Antalis UK. “Xerox® Recycled Supreme 100% is the perfect choice for any office customer eager to adopt an environmentally-responsible paper sourcing policy, without compromising on quality. This paper delivers on both counts.”

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