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Paper Selected to Boost The Plight of Turtle Doves


Keaykolour reKreate, supplied by Antalis and manufactured by Arjowiggins, has been used to create hundreds of turtle dove decorative hang-ups in time for Christmas!

The turtle dove hang-up is made from ‘upcycled’ foil and card for ‘Project Hangup’, the brainchild of London based graphic designer, Jacinta Sullivan. Due to the loss of habitat and illegal hunting this bird is listed on the Red List of conservation concern.

The enterprising project takes materials that are difficult to recycle and transforms them into beautiful objects. The idea for the project came about when Jacinta visited a packaging trade show and discovered that hot stamping foil, a premium material used in many printed designs was difficult to recycle and usually end up in landfill. As a designer, Jacinta was shocked to discover the amount of waste produced in the creative industry.

The process began with the help of printers Benwells, collecting the excess foil waste off the press. Paper is then cut and the used foil re-spooled and stamped onto Keaykolour reKreate using a die.
The process is repeated on the same piece of card with different coloured foil and dies to achieve the textures and collage effect.

Once the foiling process is complete, the sheets are die cut into turtle doves and the final hang-ups revealed.

The innovative reKreate range is produced using an exclusive patented process – made by reusing waste fibres, which would otherwise be thrown away. This cuts the use of dyes and pulp by up to 50% and reduces the effect on the environment.

Jacinta commented: “The feedback has been really positive, people are drawn to the unique design of the decorative hang-ups we have created, which naturally sparks a conversation about how they are made. I believe in great design, creating things that will be kept, not thrown away. My hope is that Project Hangup will inspire other creatives to discover unique design solutions by using interesting working processes that consider the environment.”

Turtle dove hang-ups will be distributed to Antalis’s design customers and creative printers over the coming weeks.

Thanks also go to Howard Fletcher for donating his time to write the copy which features on the packaging of the doves.

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