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Xerox Colotech+ Uncoated gains FSC and ColorLokĀ® certification


We are excited to confirm that our flagship digital paper, Colotech+ Uncoated, is being transitioned from PEFC certification to FSC certification, and in addition, it is ColorLok® certified.

This certification will establish this product range as even more desirable to our customers and is therefore better suited to compete in the marketplace.

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FSC certification for Xerox Colotetch+ Family

The FSC logo signifies that the product comes from a responsible source and well managed forests. It is environmentally friendly, socially beneficial to the local communities and indigenous people where the timber is harvested from, and economically viable.

FSC certification is a widely recognised scheme that carries more equity with our customers than other competing schemes.

This move will see the entire Xerox Colotech+ range become verified under the same FSC umbrella, providing better clarity and helping navigate the range easier.

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ColorLok® means a better product for the environment

The ColorLok® technology means that the papers are engineered with a special additive to be brighter, bolder, better and dry faster, in turn, preventing smudging.

Moreover, papers with ColorLok® technology offer enhanced recyclability as the ink remains on the surface of the paper. Removing the ink from the paper is a key step in the recycling process and is made easier with ColorLok® technology.


These transitions started in 2018 and will continue throughout 2019.

The exact schedule is SKU specific, and will follow a rolling change schedule, with some products reaching the market in Q3 2019 and into 2020.