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Greenshires goes green thanks to environmentally-friendly FSDU alternative from Antalis


Antalis has helped Greenshires, a leading supplier of marketing materials and fulfilment solutions, improve its green credentials with the provision of a durable, environmentally-friendly alternative to polypropylene mop trays.

The Leicester-based company is one of the largest suppliers of sophisticated marketing material and fulfilment solutions in the UK and specialises in the design and production of freestanding display units (FSDU) for retail. The lifespan of an FSDU can range from as little as a week, to up to a few months, and the display unit must be practical and robust.

Increasing environmental awareness among retailers over recent years also means that FSDUs also need to be as environmentally friendly as possible, particularly when they are updated frequently in-line with store promotions. Paper based board materials are an option, however they can incur problems where the unprotected board can absorb water from large retail mops, damaging any print and the structure of the FSDU. To overcome this problem, Greenshires had been using polypropylene mop trays at the base of the stand, to provide a barrier against potential hazards, but they had found creasing and folding polypropylene to be problematic.

Greenshires turned to Antalis to find a material for their FSDUs that was not only more sustainable but also sufficiently durable to withstand busy retail environments. Antalis recommended MopGuard®, a recycled polyester sheet designed for making protective tray bases for retail displays that is 100% recyclable in its own waste stream. As well as being a cost-effective and a sustainable alternative to similar PVC and polypropylene products, MopGuard® also offers excellent rigidity at low thickness and provides sharp results when cut and creased to shape. Not only does it have a number of practical advantages over polypropylene, it is also superior in appearance. It is glass clear in comparison to polypropylene’s milky appearance and has less memory so is able to hold its required finished shape.

Paul Neale, Product Manager for Visual Communications at Antalis UK, comments: “We pride ourselves on leading the way in offering customers the best possible product innovations. Mop trays are crucial in busy retail environments such as supermarkets to protect corrugated FSDU displays against knocks, spills and floor cleaning. It is also of course a much more environmentally-friendly option, over thermoplastic polymers.”

Simon Drew, POS Commercial Manager for Greenshires, adds: “We are delighted with the improvements we have already seen using MopGuard®. Changing from polypropylene to MopGuard® for the manufacture of our mop trays has brought some real benefits for us. Not only is it easier to cut, crease and handle, but it also looks great and – a real selling point for us and for our retail customers – it has a very positive environmental story. We’re so impressed with the product, we’re now using it to manufacture leaflet pockets that sit on the FSDUs too.”

MopGuard® is a recycled PET manufactured from a mix of post-consumer, e.g. plastic bottles and post-industrial (manufacturing) waste and is available in a range of sheet sizes suitable to fit standard FSDU footprints. Typical applications of MopGuard® include poster covers, packaging, clear pockets/leaflet dispensers and POS displays.

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