About Us


Name: Andy Dalby

Position: Telephone Account Manager


I have worked for Antalis for eight years. I started my career as a Sales Advisor working for the Print Midlands team and have now been a Telephone Account Manager (TAM) for four years. There are seven of us in the TAM team and we all look after different accounts throughout the UK. The atmosphere within the team is very lively and as we make around 20 calls to customers per day there can be a real buzz within the office. As well as having our individual targets to hit each quarter we also work very well as a team and are always on hand to help each other. We also run some internal competitions on a regular basis which encourages healthy competition between us and spot prizes are awarded so we are always engaged and motivated.

As a TAM I am tasked with keeping regular contact with around 350 accounts. We use the Antalis CRM system to maximum effect  and record all conversations with customers, enquiries, machine information, personal information and much more

Antalis offers lots of support for career development via the many training courses they offer.