Tallink Estonia Testimonial


Interviewing  Luulea Lääne, Communication Director at AS Tallink Grupp

Antalis: Miss Lääne, please tell us about your position in AS Tallink Grupp and your involvement in the CSR strategy of your company.

Luulea Lääne: As the Communication Director of the Group, I am responsible for both internal as well as external communications of the company in general. External communications takes me into interaction with all our external stakeholders such as of course customers, but also our shareholders, different interest groups, public and private sector organizations and media.

AS Tallink Grupp is the leading provider of high-quality mini-cruise and passenger transport services in the northern Baltic Sea region, as well as the leading provider of ro-ro cargo services on selected routes.

Antalis: You intend to be the European market pioneer. To do that, you have a strong CSR strategy. What can you tell us about it?

Luulea Lääne: A strong CSR strategy is a standard in Europe, especially in Northern Europe. The public expects the organizations of private and public sector to handle the activities in a moral and ethical way, whether it involves the people, environment or society. These are the main three big whales we put our utmost attention to. We also feel that we have to do the best to set the example for other companies similar to us. More than having special CSR related activities and policy, our strategy is that every unit has to perform the best in regards to the mentioned three whales by addressing those in everyday activities.

Antalis: Why “We Engage”?

Luulea Lääne: In order to have a really well working, CSR-minded company, engagement is something you cannot move forward without. Cooperation, listening to and making efforts together are utmost important to make the values really function.

Antalis: You chose to print the company’s CSR reports 2013 on an eco-responsible paper : Cyclus. What is the importance of paper in your environmental strategy?

Luulea Lääne: We value highly all natural resources, including paper. Wherever and whenever possible, we choose to spend wisely and in a thought through way, less than more and are pro recycling. Therefore Cyclus Offset was a very natural choice. By having an e-documentation system, Intranet and well-working online services, the usage of paper is always thought through to minimize the threat to have printed materials in vain.

Antalis: Do you think, as an expert in Communications, that displaying your company’s CSR Report on an eco-responsible paper makes every more credible the company’s efforts in corporate and social responsibility?

Luulea Lääne: The choice was not about increasing the credibility of the CSR activities. It was and is one of the activities, as all decisions, especially the ones involving the usage of natural resources (water, fuel, paper etc) are always also considered through the prism of the environmental protection as well. The CSR strategy is not about having such a strategy in place, but having this working as an inseparable part of the overall functioning of the Group. We do not exclude the possibility to use more recycled paper in the future and continue to donate used paper materials for recycling.

Download Tallink’s CSR Report “We engage” here.