Our procurement policy


Our  procurement policy

Antalis seeks to work with suppliers who consider the environment in their everyday business

Our actions

• Encourage suppliers to optimize its efficiency of its production processes
  and help spread environmental improvements throughout the supply chain.

•  Give recognition to those suppliers who have a clear
environmental policy in place.

•  Encourage suppliers to monitor their products’ carbon emissions
   and pursue the development of low carbon products and mill practices.

• We will seek to place our business with those mills or suppliers that have acquired
  or are working towards a certified Environmental Management System (EMS),
  such as ISO 14001 or the Eco - Management and Audit Scheme (EMAS)
  or other recognized Industry standards.

• We will seek to ensure that our mills and suppliers deliver products directly to the Central
  Distribution Centers (CDC’s) or Regional Distribution Centers (RDC’s) at which they are
  to be stocked, to reduce carbon emissions linked with transport.

• Antalis will source a wide range of environmental products such as certified
  (FSC® & PEFC) or recycled.

• Antalis will set up systems to record, assess and evaluate our suppliers
  environmental performance and activity.

• Antalis International is committed to implementing and maintaining FSC® & PEFC Chain of Custody
  requirements throughout its business. A top down management approach by the main board for
  International based in Paris reinforces this, and to whom ever may require it.

• The social, health and safety issues are important for Antalis International and we are
  communicating this with our suppliers.

• Provide support, guidance and advice on request on all our products’ environmental
  credentials and the source of supply to all our customers

Key Performance Indicators
To ensure that the suppliers are provided with a copy of the Procurement Policy

Responsible sourcing

Sequana has developed a responsible sourcing framework based on Sequana Code of Conduct and the Corporate Social Responsibility principles of the group to ensure sustainability and responsibility in all our sourcing activities. This framework applies to all wood pulp and paper sourcing within the entities of the group (Antalis and Arjowiggins).

This framework and the associated principles are detailed into the “Sustainable woodpulp and paper sourcing Policy”  adopted by the group in December 2013, for more information, click here.


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