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NaturalResourcesHeader.JPG   Forests aren’t simply a resource, they are also a valuable part of our ecosystem, offering a habitat for many species, a home for forest people, and a valuable leisure resource for millions. Antalis has a responsibility to make sure that all raw material sourcing is coming from legal, sustainable natural resources.


By maintaining forest areas sustainably, we can protect forest people and species, maintain a healthy forest environment and make wood available for paper, furniture making, fuel, and its countless other uses. Furthermore, healthy forests play an important role in reducing CO2 levels in the atmosphere.

Most paper products are produced either from wood or recycled fibres, which means that our industry is directly linked to the sustainable management of renewable resources.

Antalis prioritises products made out of recycled fibre, and we ensure all virgin (ie non-recycled) materials we use in our paper are 100% traceable and are not from protected sources such as Mixed Tropical Hardwood. This means we strive to offer our customers valuable guarantees regarding the legality and sustainability of our paper.

Antalis considers it has a responsibility to guarantee responsible sourcing through traceability. We need not only to be sure that we are not involved in deforestation or unsustainable sourcing, we need to be able to prove it.

Antalis has developed a dedicated strategy and has specific tools on these topics:

• Sourcing policy

• Multisite certification

• Online supplier platform


Our new sourcing policy was introduced in 2012. It is based upon a commitment not to source wood based products from unsustainable resources.

We do not procure fibre or paper coming from wood which has been:

• Illegally harvested

• Logged in protected areas or areas currently undergoing official processes of designation for protection, unless the logging is clearly in line with national conservation regulation

• Harvested in forests where High Conservation Value has been defined by the High Conservation Value Resource Network (HCVRN), and duly interpreted through balance stakeholder processes.

• Sourced from areas undergoing conversion from forest or other wooded ecosystems, to plantation or non-forest uses, unless such conversion is justified on grounds of net social and environmental gain.

• Harvested in violation of traditional rights or civil rights.

“Antalis aims at bringing to its customers total transparency and traceability on its products and guarantees responsible raw material in all sourcing”

Olivier Guichardon, CSR Director, Sequana


Antalis is the first merchant in the market to have set up a multisite FSC® and PEFC certification to ensure full traceability and transparency through the entire supply chain, ensuring compliance from forest to warehouse.

Audits are performed on logistics (labelling, separate product storage, delivery) as well as information systems (including referencing and product categories) and marketing and sales processes such as the use of logos and training.

All certified countries are required to meet the same environmental requirements for their customers.



All wood-based products imported into the European Union must be accompanied by a due diligence and risk assessment report that includes details of the tree species used and the source of the wood. Our responsibility is to  ensure that we fully comply with this important legislation.

In order to simplify the flow of information with suppliers, Antalis has created the Antrak online platform. Suppliers provide data on:

• Compliance with certifications and laws affecting the products we source from our suppliers
• Suppliers’ attitudes towards the environment and social (ie. Labor law and human rights) and ethical responsibilities
• Any chemical substances and base materials used in the supplied products and their compliance with regulations.

This secure, confidential database offers Antalis and its partners alike simple, quick access to information, including traceability, that can help them improve CSR performance. Since the database was created in September 2013, we have targeted and engaged with some 200 suppliers, who together account for 90% of our purchasing volume.



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