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The Antalis Green Connection and Green Star System ®

Antalis’s ambition is to establish itself as an undisputed green leader in the paper industry, by setting clear and readable  standards . The group has always worked closely with its suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to combine innovation, added-value and the pursuit of environmental excellence, and supported the local sustainable development efforts of its subsidiaries through initiatives such as Green Weeks, Green Days, Green brochure...

In order to ensure that a coherent message underpins these different actions and to deliver a consistent, structured, group-wide green strategy, Antalis has developed an umbrella corporate green identity known as the “Antalis Green Connection”.  In tangible terms, this means that, going forward, such dedicated green communications tools as the “green stamp”, an immediately recognisable logo that will set Antalis apart, will appear on all corporate communications materials, product brochures and leaflets when they refer to green projects or initiatives.

Below are a number of ambitious undertakings that now carry the Antalis green stamp and support the group’s objective to lead the way in environmental responsibility. You can also click here to view the Antalis Green Connection Brochure.

  • Eco-responsible  product offering

    Antalis has built an environmentally-friendly product offering that is one of the broadest available on the market today, adapted to all types of printing and finishing techniques, and that adheres to stringent environmental credentials. This enables corporate customers to easily integrate paper usage into their CSR policy while also taking into account cost and application priorities.

    But what exactly constitutes an eco-responsible paper? A credible definition of an eco-responsible paper product must incorporate 2 types of guarantee - on the sourcing of its raw materials usage and on  its manufacturing process – and attach clear requirements to both regarding their environmental impact. The definition must incorporate this technical complexity yet be simple enough to be accessible to the layperson and modular enough to indicate different levels of eco responsibility. It must also be irreproachable. It is to meet all of these criteria that Antalis has developed the Green Star System® to rank its paper product offering. For an Antalis product to be considered eco-responsible, it must carry at least 3 stars.

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  • Supplier code of conduct

    Antalis follows a supplier selection process which operates in an unbiased, fair and objective manner.

    The performance of supplier candidates related to social and environmental responsibility is taken into account in addition to their strategic fit, service capability, product quality and sustainability. Antalis has therefore developed and is evolving a responsible sourcing framework based on a Supplier Code of Conduct in order to ensure responsibility in all its sourcing activities.

    To know more about Antrak, the Antalis sustainable supply chain, click here

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  • Consultant Services

    We can help you develop your business' capacity for growth, profitability and innovation, while boosting your competitive edge. We have selected a range of expert services to help you implement the relevant management systems to attain the chosen certification and we are now offering a new range of technical print and paper training courses from the Antalis training academy.

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  • Tools 

    • Environmental calculator: by using the Antalis Environmental Calculator, customers can see  exactly how they have reduced their impact on the environment by using papers from the Antalis recycled range compared to those manufactured from non-recycled fibres, right down to an individual print job.

    • Environmental brochures, swatches and sample books: product brochures provide users with clear, concise information on the technical characteristics and application possibilities of each brand while providing samples and swatches allows users to touch and handle the products and gauge their potential.

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  • Multi-site  FSC ® and PEFC certification

    In addition to its focus on referencing products with a strong environmental performance, Antalis is also attentive to the environmental credentials of the entire supply chain. Antalis is the first in the market to have set up a multi-site FSC ® and PEFC certification to ensure full traceability and transparency through the entire supply chain. Audits are performed on logistics (labelling, separate product storage, delivery) as well as information systems (referencing, product categories…) and marketing and sales processes (use of logos, training…). The use of standards means that all certified countries are required to meet the same environmental requirements for their customers.

    Today, 32 Antalis entities worldwide are part of this programme.

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