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Environmental  Papers

Your Environmental Paper Selection

Are you committed to using environmental paper as part of a sustainable approach? Or are you looking for the most recent innovations in green paper? Look no further. We have selected a variety of environmentally friendly papers, including those with FSC® or PEFC certification, recycled fibre content, low carbon footprint, EU Eco-label and many others. Discover our environmental papers or use the link below to download the full list of our offer.

Download the full list of Environmental Papers.


Download our new Environmental Guide for Pulp & Paper Production

The “Environmental Guide for Pulp & Paper Production” is a guide for interested stakeholders of pulp and paper industry, which aims to support a better understanding of the relevant environmental aspects and environmental performance data of pulp and paper production. It contains explanations of relevant environmental terms, parameters and topics

within the pulp and paper value-chain and provides respective background information as well as a  rating of the relevance of specific environmental information for the reporting and benchmarking of the environmental performance of paper products.

  • Environmental Guide for Pulp & Paper Production (PDF Document)



Cocoon, Inspired by Green Technology

If you are looking for a 100% recycled paper with high whiteness and outstanding printability, look no further…

Cocoon is produced from 100% post-consumer recycled, FSC® certified pulp. Less energy and water are consumed and fewer CO2 emissions are produced during manufacturing, compared to the production of virgin fibre paper.

A wide variety of products are available, from coated papers to cutsize, to cover all types of applications and printing technologies.

View the Cocoon Recycled Paper range here.

FSC certified product      NAPM Recycled 100%      EU Flower     PCF      Recycled Paper 100%      Heavy Metal



Cyclus, the 100% recycled concept.

Cyclus is an internationally renowned 100% recycled paper range, manufactured at the Dalum Mill in Denmark. The installation in 2007 of a biomass power station, developed using its own technology and deinking procedure, makes the Dalum Paper Mill the most environmentally responsible in Europe.

A unique ecological concept in Europe considerably reduces the environmental impact of your printed material (lowest carbon footprint, saving 45% water and 80% energy compared to virgin fibre paper). These are among the best environmental credentials to promote a positive and recognised image for your communication. And these are just two of Cyclus' advantages.

View the Cyclus Recycled Paper range here.

Blue Angel      Recycled Paper 100%      EU Flower       PCF      NAPM Recycled 100%      Heavy Metal                          


Digigreen - Green invades digital

Introducing Digigreen:

100% Digital - a premium, multifunctional paper guaranteed for both HP Indigo and Dry Toner providing exceptional printing quality on all digital presses while meeting even the most stringent environmental standards.

100% Green - Made from a minimum of 50% recycled fibres, Digigreen also has FSC® certification (mix credit) and European Ecolabel accreditation.

Digigreen - 100% digital, 100% green!

View the Digigreen Paper range here.

FSC certified product      NAPM Recycled 100%      EU Flower     PCF      Recycled Paper 50%      Heavy Metal                 




Conqueror is a strong, recognisable brand providing a prestige paper solution. It also has an unparalleled reputation for environmental innovations. In 1991, the brand was the first on the market to launch a recycled paper range and by 2006 all its papers were  FSC® certified. They are now classified as CarbonNeutral® in 12 European countries.

In an ongoing pursuit of greener papers, Conqueror launched the brightest and cleanest 100% Recycled paper but also pushed the boundaries of innovation with a completely new material: fast growing and renewable bamboo!

The bamboo is responsibly sourced and selected with care. The 5 shades in the range reflect this level of care – there are no OBAs (optical brightening agents) in the Natural White, and the colours are created using only natural (ochre) pigments from the South of France.

View the Conqueror Paper range here.

FSC certified product      PCF      Recycled Paper 100%     Recycled Paper 50%      CO2 Neutral

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