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More and more businesses understand the value of a carbon management and reduction programme: meeting customer demand, reducing costs and differentiating from competitors. Carbon compensating products enables businesses to demonstrate their commitment to managing and reducing their carbon footprint with the purchase of products that have reduced carbon emissions.

How does it work?

For every tonne of eligible product purchased, we will ensure that one tonne of CO₂ is captured in new UK woodlands, certified under the government’s Woodland Carbon Code.

How is it all quality assured?

Certification of new woodlands under the Government’s Woodland Carbon Code tells us that:

• the right trees have been planted, in the right place
• new woodland’s estimated carbon capture is conservative and scientifically sound
• the woodland is protected in the long term and will be properly managed
• transparent and traceable carbon credits are issued to buyers

Why UK woodlands?

UK woodlands provide multiple local benefits, including recreational space, employment, flood mitigation, water quality improvement and the capture of CO₂ and other atmospheric pollutants.

Antalis at Thorney Coppice

Forest Carbon has planted all types of woodlands; woodlands with open spaces, woodlands with footpaths, woodlands for communities and woodlands for sustainable timber, ranging from 5 acres to 500, for partners from FTSE100 to sole trader, and in locations north of Scotland to the south coast of England to the west of Wales (plus one in Northern Ireland). Antalis Carbon Compensated products will be invested in Thorney Coppice, a mixed coniferous and native broadleaf productive woodland, just outside Kettering, Northants, between the A4300 and the A6116. Oak has been chosen as it is a native species that already forms a high proportion of the trees in the surrounding woodland and is proven to grow very well on local soils. Trees will be variously thinned and replanted, with the Norway spruce acting as a nurse crop for the oaks. The woodland will also improve connectivity for some existing woodland sites.

Eligible products

Choose from a wide range of paper products rated with either 3, 4 or 5 green stars. These are eco-responsible products and therefore carbon compensating for the unavoidable carbon dioxide emissions is a good way to mitigate carbon.

GSS 3 Stars.JPG  GSS 4 Stars.JPG GSS 5 Stars.JPG

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