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How Carbon Balancing works

Carbon Balancing is where the carbon impacts of a product or service have been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide is either prevented from being released into, or is absorbed from, the atmosphere.

Carbon Balancing is facilitated by the World Land Trust, an international conservation charity, through the preservation of high conservation value forests.

Through land purchase of ecologically important standing forests under threat of clearance, carbon is locked that would otherwise be released. These protected forests are then able to continue absorbing carbon from the atmosphere. Referred to as REDD (Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), this is now recognised as one of the most cost-effective and swiftest ways to arrest the rise atmospheric CO2 and global warming effects.

What is Carbon Balanced Paper

It’s paper for which the carbon impact of the production and distribution process has been balanced, or offset, by the World Land Trust – an international conservation charity.

When you choose Carbon Balanced Paper you can include a unique logo on your print run: an instant, high-visibility seal that demonstrates your commitment to reducing your carbon impact, and enhances your brand.

Antalis paper products rated with either 3, 4 or 5 green stars are eligible for Carbon Balancing.  There is a wide choice of eligible paper ranges available, to suit every aspect of communications, from everyday stationery to high-impact corporate brochures. All have been selected because of their powerful combination of sustainability and performance. Made from certified fibre, they provide probably the widest range of papers available in the UK – meaning no compromises, just compelling communications. Together, they can help you demonstrate a total CR commitment.

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So in a nut shell, it's good for the planet, and it's good for business

Today, a carbon reduction strategy is a competitive advantage. Tomorrow, it will be standard business practice. Using paper where the carbon impacts have been balanced by the World Land Trust will help your company meet and exceed its environmental policy targets, affordably and effectively.

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Documents available for download:

  • World Land Trust project brief Vietnam

    (PDF Document)

  • Carbon Balanced Paper Information Sheet

    (PDF Document)