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Xerox technical information



Storing, handling and
loading your paper

In order to achieve the very best results from your printer
it is important to keep your paper in the very best condition.



Here are a few tips:

  • Keep your paper in the original packaging which has a protecting inner lining against moisture or dryness

  • In high volume printers, load the whole ream into the printer to avoid damage to the residual paper

  • In desktop printers, load only the amount of paper you need into your printer or copier (overloading can cause jams)

  • Reseal the ream with the remaining paper until the next use

  • Avoid putting the ream directly on the floor to keep it away from the moisture absorption

  • Leave your paper to “adapt” to the room temperature for an hour before opening it when you bring it from cold or hot exterior

  • Protect your paper from extreme cold or hot temperatures and humidity

  • Avoid dropping or throwing the paper reams or the paper boxes.


Xerox Recommended Media List (RML's)

Click here to find the lists of Xerox papers and digital media for use on particular Xerox machines.




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