Reacto® Technical Information

Reacto Technical Information




Specifications and recommendations
to get the best performance


How reacto® works

reacto® carbonless paper permits copies to be made without using carbon paper.
Duplicates are made by the pressure applied while writing, which causes the micro
capsules on the underside of the sheet to burst. A special fluid is released that triggers
a color reaction on the coated underlying sheet. This type of paper is therefore referred
to as color reaction or carbonless paper.



Each reacto® form set consists of the following:

• Top sheet - CB (coated back) with ink-releasing microcapsule layer on its underside.

• Middle sheet - CFB (coated front and back) with ink-absorbing layer on the front and ink-releasing microcapsule layer on the back.

• Bottom sheet - CF (coated front) with ink-absorbing layer on the front. It is possible to use more than one middle sheet.

The microcapsules burst under the pressure of writing so that they release the reaction fluid onto the next sheet. An ink reaction creates the copy on the next sheet’s ink-absorbing layer.

Printing and handling guidelines

Click here to download the reacto® technical manual.