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Olin Design carbon balanced papers
for demanding creative projects

Thanks to its versatility, Olin Design offers many choices
and boasts the best print quality in its category, meeting
all the requirements of a genuine premium paper range.





Printing and handling guidelines

> Set up
Store at room temperature (17-23°C), at a relative humidity of 50%, from 24 to 48 hours before use.     
Protect the paper against any risk of moisture during the whole process. In particular, unwrap the paper
only at the last moment before printing and rewrap it immediately after the print run.
Do not use set-off powder when printing.





> Pre-press
Litho Offset suitable. Pre-printing: fully suitable
with Olin Design Regular from 50 to 400gsm.

> Printing
Large printed surface: under colour removal necessary.
Intense full colours: - black: blue support (40%) recommended.
Screen ruling: 150 max. Use of the Fogra 47 (uncoated)
profile is recommended, particularly when printing red tinted graphics.

> Finishing
Embossing and die-stamping: all techniques can be used.
Hot foil stamping: no precautions are necessary when using

a premium foil.

Varnishing: trials recommended.
Lamination: not suitable.
Scoring: starting at 135gsm, scoring with counterpart.
Cutting: we recommend waiting 24 hours after printing.

OBA-free: Olin Design Natural White, Cream and Ivory contain no OBA