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Olin offset paper: all you need is in.

Olin is the most complete premium offset range on the market
today, with unbeatable print quality. 18 different weights ranging
from 40 gsm to 400 gsm, five shades of white from Absolute White
to Ivory, three different finishes from Smooth to Rough, as well
as a recycled paper and matching envelopes.

Olin is also available in 3 finishes for digital applications. Certified
for HP Indigo and dry toner presses with sizes specifically cut.

To be more comprehensive, Olin has enriched its range with
Olin Bulk, specifically adapted for astonishing communication
publishing. Thanks to its special texture with a rugged
surface and a natural touch, Olin Bulk offers a seductive
combination of substance and lightness.



Discover all the unique benefits of Olin:


  • Environmental  – FSC®, 100% ECF pulps
    and ISO 14001
  • Quality – ISO 9001
  • Archival  – ISO 9706
  •  18 different weights (40 to 400gms)
  •  5 shades
  •  3 finishes
  • High printing quality for offset and digital 
  •  Available everywhere in the world
  •  Pre-print guaranty
  •  Matching envelopes
  • Olin Bulk: High Bulk Level with low grammage
  • Olin Digital: for HP Indigo and dry toner presses