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Olin premium uncoated design
papers for demanding creative projects


Olin is a range of premium natural papers with unbeatable
print quality to answer all the needs of designers and printers.
Its comprehensive range of 3 finishes and 5 shades conveys
perfectly a feeling of authenticity with a perfect mat print effect.

With 16 available weights in 3 different finishes for offset printing,
Olin is one of the largest design paper range on the market.
From light weights with matching envelopes and cut-to-size formats
for identity, up to heavy boards for superior uncoated packaging,
with its 5 shades of whites and creams, Olin answers all your needs.

Olin is also compatible for dry and liquid toner printing in a ready-to-use
format bringing you the flexibility of digital printing.



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Discover all the unique benefits of Olin Design:


  • Environmental  – FSC®, 100% ECF pulps
    and ISO 14001
  • Carbon balanced 
  • Quality – ISO 9001
  • Archival  – ISO 9706
  •  16 different weights (50 to 400gsm)
  •  5 shades
  •  3 finishes
  • High printing quality for offset and digital 
  •  Worldwide availability
  •  Pre-print guaranty
  • Olin Design Digital: for HP Indigo and dry toner presses